Jacob Nizri

jacobJacob Nizri directs the consolidated core advertising division of Lycos, Ybrant Digital comprising of Online Media, Ybrant Mobile, and Ybrant Fusion, extending their activities over Europe, Asia and the Americas. Prior to consolidation, Nizri was overseeing Oridian, AdDynamix and MediosOne. Nizri continues to be in the forefront for merger activities, market definition and strategic direction of the group

Mr. Nizri holds two Bachelor degrees in Management & Information Technologies and Computer Education, which he later utilized in order to co-find a company focusing on PC – Tutorials. After being promoted to Director of European Sales in 2003, Mr. Nizri was assigned to lead Oridian’s first M&A establishing a German branch, followed by two local representative offices in Latin America and Spain, respectively. In 2005, Mr. Nizri was announced VP of Oridian and succeeded in aligning International operations into profitability, while generating a 100% increase in revenues. In the late 2006, Mr. Nizri was announced CEO of Oridian, focusing on international and future US operations’ management and strategic partnerships alongside daily operations.