Peter Purushotma

Peter is a Singaporean, has varied international industry experience with extensive personal relationships in Australia, Asia-Pacific, and the United States. These include several C-Level and Board level relationships. Currently he is the Advisor to The Office of Chairman and CEO, Headstrong Inc.

He was the Senior Vice President at TechSpan Inc. (now Headstrong Inc.) in California; Sr. Vice President of HCL AMERICA Inc, SoftPlus Inc; President of HCL Corporation – Advanced Technology Group; Co-Chair for the Einstein Technology Award (Asia-Pacific); Campaign Board Member for “Words can Heal”; Advisor to the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) for its IT Summit in California.; Advisor to National University of Singapore in Silicon Valley Program; and Founder/Board Advisor to several Silicon Valley and Singapore start-ups.

He has held Executive and Sales Management positions with several multinationals: Olivetti, Unisys, Wang, and Oriental Data Systems in Singapore and Asia-Pacific, including Australia. Won several Regional and International, Sales and Management awards in each of these Organizations.

As a Founding Director of Far East Computers in Singapore and Sydney, Australia he visioned and implemented strategic partnerships and joint ventures with US companies: Oracle, Sybase, Apollo, Banyan, Sequent, and Storage Technology. He initiated dialog with the founders of these US companies, conceived and implemented winning strategies for their Asia-Pacific markets through Far East Computers.