Dr. Surabhi Sinha

With a PhD in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and several academic publications to her credit, Dr. Surabhi Sinha started off as a Research Assistant at the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, India, way back in 1992. She served as Project Associate in the Department of Mathematics – IIT, Kharagpur for around 7 years. Later, she moved on in 2005 to serve as a Faculty in Hyderabad Central University for 2 years.
Suresh founded two successful companies USAGreetings and Ybrant Technologies. He maintains a global network of trusted relationships with peer entrepreneurs, corporates, partners, institutions and the media. He has consummated, completed and integrated 10 major acquisitions for Ybrant Digital (presently Lycos), coupled with fund raising. The group under his leadership has raised $100 million in equity and debt over a period of 7 years.

Dr. Surabhi has published several academic papers in the field of Fuzzy Programming, Multi-level Non-linear Systems, Linear Programming Approaches, and Integer Solutions via Goal Programming.

Dr. Surabhi also holds an M.SC in Mathematics from IIT – Kharagpur, B.SC (Honors) in Mathematics from IIT-Kharagpur, and a Diploma in Information Technology from the National Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. To note, she received a gold Medal for excelling in the course work.